Commercial Garage Doors

Installing & Repairing Garage Doors in Orlando

As a business owner you know how important every detail and business decision is. The location you choose and the garage door you select to protect it can have an impact that ultimately effects yours business. At Florida Door Solutions we are experts in garage door sales and repair in Orlando and we are here to help select the door that is right for your company. As Ribbon Distributors of Overhead Door, we are able to offer a complete line of rolling doors and sectional products.

Some of the commercial and industrial doors that we provide include the following:

  • Rolling Service Doors
  • Fire-Rated Rolling Service Doors
  • Rolling Grills
  • Side-Folding Grills
  • Rolling Counter Doors
  • Fire-Rated Counter Doors
  • Vertical Lift Doors
  • Rolling Sheet Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • High Speed Doors
  • Top Hung Sliding Doors

We use LiftMaster products due to their high performance and our operators range from light to industrial heavy duty. For additional information on our commercial doors, operators and other products see the section below or contact us at (407) 884-5955.

Rolling Service Doors


Overhead Door Corporation’s rolling service door product line offers a comprehensive system for commercial and industrial applications and ensures that your project specifications will be met with a working solution and aesthetic appeal. Fabricated of interlocking steel, stainless steel or aluminum curtains in a variety of slat profiles, finishes and options, these doors are designed to be durable and functional.

Fire-Rated Rolling Service Doors


Whenever a fire door is required, these service doors offer superior protection and feature fusible links mounted on both sides of the wall that separate to automatically close the door. Fire Sentinel™ release devices and FireLite® vision lights are optional features that can be added to provide even more protection. Fire doors can also be customized for conveyor openings and are available insulated and windload rated per FBC.

Rolling Grills

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Sometimes referred to as upward-coiling grills, rolling grills provide security by restricting access to an area, but without sacrificing visual appearance, air circulation or light infiltration. Grills are available in aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel curtain with an optional electric operator.

Side-Folding Grills

These grills provide all the benefits of rolling grills, but with the added convenience of short stacking dimensions for space-saving.

Rolling Counter Doors

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These particular doors provide an alternative solution for smaller openings in commercial, retail and professional environments. These doors are offered in three different types: metal curtain, wood curtain and integral frame and sill.

Fire-Rated Counters Doors


These doors, designed to expand upward in a fire, allow the guides to be installed flush with the sill. Their compact shape creates an attractive appearance requiring only minimum sideroom. These fire-rated counter doors come in primed galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Rolling Sheet Doors

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For locations that require sound and affordable closure, rolling sheet doors are ideal. These door systems are easily installed and their smooth operation ensures the product’s long life.

Sectional Doors


Sectional steel doors are customizable for a broad range of applications and are available as insulated and non-insulated. The addition of steel strutting is an option for high-wind reinforcement and hoist operation can be either electrical or by chain.

High-Speed Doors

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To meet your project needs, we offer the high-performance standards of high-speed doors with energy efficiency, quiet operation, dirt particle isolation and a reliable reset feature following impact.

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    Motor Operators

    Our LiftMaster motor operators provide strong, durable solutions for the high frequency of use in commercial applications.

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    Trolley Operators

    These operators are mainly used for standard lift sectional doors and are available in a range of light, medium or industrial heavy-duty.

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    Jackshaft Operators

    Also available in light, medium or industrial heavy-duty, these operators are designed for use on rolling grills, shutters and rolling doors, and some can even be used on industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift.

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    Hoist Operators

    Hoist operators are available in medium, industrial and heavy industrial-duty. They are designed for use on rolling doors and grills as well as industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift.


Fire Door Release Devices

“LiftMaster® release devices control the closure of a rolling fire door, counter fire door, fire shutter or track door in an emergency situation.” These devices prevent the spread of fire and smoke by providing a time-delayed release of fire door or shutter upon receiving a signal from a smoke detector, central alarm station or upon loss of power.

Traffic Doors


Traffic doors allow for efficient, two-way movement through a space by swinging in both directions, opening easily by a mere push, and automatically closing after an individual passes through.

Specialty Industrial Doors


Four-Fold door systems offer durability and low maintenance while providing high-speed operation. These doors come in standard sizes but can also be customized for certain applications. The door panels fold completely clear of their opening and have the ability to meet stringent codes. Great for fire stations, parking garages, sally ports etc.

Vertical Lift Doors


Vertical lift doors are well suited for heavy-duty applications with limited side room and can be fabricated with sections of up to 100 feet or more in width and almost any height. The doors operate using counterweights with either an overhead or floor mounted drive unit. In the case of a power outage, a manual disconnect will allow the doors to be operated manually.

Top-Hung Sliding Doors


Top-hung sliding door systems are used in applications that require a sturdy and long lasting solution. They are available in manual, power-operated and bottom rolling versions

Florida Door Solutions offers safe, durable loading dock equipment and accessories through Pentalift and McGuire. These products provide smooth and timely loading capabilities.

Dock Levelers


Dock levelers safely bridge the gap between a vehicle and the loading dock, by compensating for variations in truck bed height.

Pit Levelers – Whether mechanical or hydraulic, pit levelers are configured in nearly every length, width and capacity.

Edge-of-Dock Levelers – Edge-of-dock levelers are ideal for those areas with limited space or for those needing an economical solution.

Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are composed of laminated and molded rubber in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs

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    Dock Seals and Shelters

    Dock seals and shelters keep the elements outside; thus, reducing utility costs.

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    Dock seals

    Dock seals are padded frames outlining door openings that form a seal when the trailer makes contact with the pad.

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    Truck Restraint Devices

    Truck restraint devices bolt the ICC bar of a truck to the dock to ensure safety by preventing separation or collapse while loading and unloading goods. These devices are available as either hydraulic or mechanical.

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    Scissor Lifts

    For use in situations with no docks and con go from ground level to truck level to load and unload.

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