Garage Door Installation and More in Orlando, FL

At Florida Door Solutions, we understand your need for an attractive, functional garage door. We provide plenty of options for heavy-duty commercial garage door systems as well as lighter-use (but not less dependable) residential garage doors.

Since 2001, we’ve been delivering advanced technology, top security, aesthetic appeal, and high-caliber products to home and business owners in Orlando, FL, and Central Florida. If you need a new garage door or an installation on a new home or commercial structure, we can handle the job.

We offer a number of services for your garage door, including:

Commercial door installation and repair

Most businesses that use commercial garages can’t afford to compromise on the quality of the garage door system they choose. The doors must be extremely durable and able to withstand heavy use on a daily basis while still providing security to your business. The company that handles the garage door installation must be experienced in installing commercial systems as well as replacing heavy-duty garage door parts, such as springs, tracks, motors, and more.

Florida Door Solutions has a team that is well-versed in solutions for commercial customers. Whether you need a door on your garage for service vehicles, a loading dock, or a door for other uses, we can work with you to find the best answer for your needs.

If your system (including one not installed by us) breaks down, we can come out to fix the problem as soon as possible. We’re available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure that a garage door outage doesn’t interrupt the daily operations of your business.

Residential door installation and repair

For homeowners, we understand what’s at stake. Your garage door is usually at the front of your home and is visible from the street. Your garage door is likely one of the first parts of your house that people see when they pull into your driveway, so it’s important to have a garage door that stands the test of time while adding an aesthetic quality to your home.

We offer a variety of garage doors in different styles and types because we want to make sure you have a garage door that you’re proud of. Should your current garage door need to be replaced, Florida Door Solution is proud to provide free estimates and guidance.

Over time, any garage door will break down. Give us a call 24/7, and we’ll come out and offer a free inspection. Sometimes a simple parts replacement can extend the life of your door system. Other times, the door will need to be replaced as well as some of the other moving parts. We can offer free estimates for custom solutions.

Gate operators

Thousands of homes in Central Florida are surrounded by security/privacy fences, and most of these fenced-in homes need an attractive gate. We provide reliability and convenience with our attractive and secure gate operating systems. Florida Door Solutions can install gate operation systems in your Orlando, FL, home or business to provide easy accessibility and greater security. To open your gate, it will only take the touch of a button!


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