Gate Operators

Orlando Gate Operating Systems

At Florida Door Solutions, we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and the longstanding reliability of our products. We install gate operating systems that provide you with easy accessibility to your home or business, while delivering security and protection. When selecting an operating system to fit your needs, there are differing voltages, technology and capacities to consider.

The following are the types of gate operating systems that we provide:

  • Slide Operators
  • Swing Operators
  • Barrier Operators
  • High-Cycle Overhead Operators

Delivering Convenience & Security

Our gate operators can be used in residential or commercial areas. The factory technicians from our company will assess your location, along with your needs to determine the best system for your property.

With the durability and strength of our gate operating systems, vehicles will be unable to pass until you allow them to. Free estimates are available when you contact Florida Door Solutions at (407) 884-5955.

Slide Operators

img01A slide operator runs parallel to a fence or a wall when there is limited space behind the secure area.

Slide Gate Operators incorporate a powerful and efficient DC motor, a high ampacity power supply, an integrated battery back-up system and intelligent controller. The incorporation of these features results in outstanding performance on heavy duty slide gates.

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Swing Operators

img02A swing operator is used when the gate opens inward or outward away from the wall. Hydraulic swing gate operator are designed for private residences.

It offers many of the benefits of a large gate operator in a compact form. Hydraulic swing gate operators are inherently safer than other types of operators because they have fewer pinch points.

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Barrier Operators

img03A barrier operator can be utilized when entrances must accommodate a heavy traffic flow.

Barrier gates manage the high volume of vehicles efficiently with either a single arm or integrated slide or swing operator to prevent more than one car at a time from entering a certain area once the gate is open from a previous car leaving.

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High-Cycle Overhead Operators

img04High-cycle overhead operators are specifically designed to meet the needs of multi-family dwellings and low-clearance entrances.

The HCT delivers superior functionality, especially in its quiet operation – so as not to disturb the other tenants. For added safety, the HCT includes a key release feature in case of power failure.

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